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Graduated Compression Hosiery has been proven effective in treating varicose veins!

For literally thousands of years, pressure bandaging the lower legs was known to reduce varicosity of the veins; ease swelling in the feet and legs; and treat skin inexact science then, but it did work. In the 1930s, doctors began experimenting with rubberized hosiery to treat a multitude of venous maladies. The benefits of compression on the lower legs was, almost immediately, recognized as very effective--even if comfort and appearance left much to be desired!

Give your tired, aching legs a luxurious and healthy comfort break! With additional pressure at the tip of the stockings upwards. Suitable for heavy duty usage for both men and women constantly on the move.

Compression socks can reduce the straining effects of everyday stress on your hardworking legs with the aesthetically appealing look. With graduated compression therapeutic socks that helps to pump the blood back to your heart, improving circulation and providing relief for your exhausted heavy legs. The micrangium has many relaxing and tightening valves that enable the blood to flow back to the heart.

Ages, sickness, heredity and injuries may cause pathologic change to the micrangium and to lose their functions. When this phenomenon occurs, the blood circulation will be slowed down, blood pressure will rise and the micrangium will expand. The burden exerted on the heart will be escalated. This will lead to pains, swelling, lethargy and finally result to varicose veins, which can cause venous diseases.

A smooth legs' blood circulation is vital factor for a good health As our legs are the furthest from the heart. It is rather difficult to maintain a smooth legs blood circulation. The micangium has many relaxing and tightening valves that enable the blood to flow back smoothly to the heart.
The phased compression socks have been proven effective in improving the legs' blood circulation and maintaining a good heart. Suitable amount of compression on the legs help the blood to flow through the deeper layer of veins smoothly. This will give the legs a young look and allow us to enjoy a more secure and energetic lifestyle.

Recovery Symptoms

Three symptoms will normally occur -> acid regurgitation, oedema and itchiness.

Problem: Anaemia, High Blood Pressure, Asthenic Coldness in body
Effect: Giddiness and coldness

Problem: malfunctioning of stomach and intestines
Effect: Diarrhoea, farting, burping, vomiting, (gastroptosia), pain (ulcer)

Problem: Malfunction of kidney and bladder
Effect: thamuria, oliguria, oedema, lumbago, tire eye

Problem: Malfunction of spine
Effect: acid regurgitation, cramp, pain (waist till shoulder)

Problem: Asthenic heat in body
Effect: body feel heat, perspiration

Problem: Malfunction of heat, blood vessel, lung, internal injury
Effect: chess distress, bad breath and cough

Problem: "Qi" and blood circulation recuperation
Effect: itchiness, appearance of smallpox for expulsion of toxin

Problem: Long hour sitting and standing obesity in upper-half of the body
Effect: numbness in limbs, legs grow rashes, itchiness, oedema

Problem: Malfunction of liver
Effect: tiredness, sleepiness, expiration, rashes

Problem: Malfunction of womb and ovary
Effect: changing in date or quantity of menses, itchiness, pain

Bonvolant Unisex Corrective Knee High Socks

Summit USA's knee high socks are made from Lycra and have the specialty of applied pressure at strategic segments and do not restrict movements of the feet

Materials : Spandex Lycra 570 Denier, Nylon 300 Denier

Colors : Black, Brown, Navy, White, Light Brown

Support Tights, Support Stocking

Manufactured by Summit USA, the specialty of Bonvolant is its attention to details, from the tip of your toes to soles, calves and thighs, graduated pressure is applied at strategic segments to give your legs a long, flowing look

Materials : Spandex Lycra 570 Denier, Nylon 100 Denier

Tights Colors : Black, brown, Beige, Light Brown

Sizes : S, M, L, LL

Stocking Colors : Ivory, Light Beige, Beige, Black

Sizes : S, M, L, LL

Cleaning Agent - New Rira Suzuku (Chemical liquid Detergent)
New Rira Sizuku is a mild, high grade cleaning detergent, which relies on live enzymes to break down and remove grease and dirt. It possesses strong disinfecting properties. It does not harm hands and is also environmental friendly. Suitable for use with cotton, synthetic fibers and man-made fibers, including silks, wool, cotton, sackcloth etc.

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