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legg innlegget til favoritter Charter Airline Hiring Female Flight Attendants (BKK) skjul innlegg vis

kompensasjon: salary, dependent on hours and flights
type arbeidskontrakt: ansattes valg

US-owned charter jet operation based in BKK is hiring additional flight attendants and passenger service personnel. Flights are mainly to and between BKK, Manila, Hong Kong, Maccau and employees can be based in any of our major destinations. Exclusive clientele on business jets demand the best in service and appearance. Minimal clothing at times. If interested, please provide your CV or relevant experience, and some photos. Also, please let us know why you'd be interested in positions like these. Three month training period, followed by 6 month probationary period, thereafter annual contracts are available.
  • Kun oppdragsgivere. Rekrutterere, ikke kontakt denne jobbens avsender.
  • ikke kontakt oss med uønskede tjenester eller tilbud.

annonseID: 6695720142



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